27 September 2011

Rory And His Demons

This is my latest work - Rory Gallagher with his demons. He is surrounded by a Christ-head that is being devoured by serpents, and his beloved Ireland. Rory Gallagher is my favourite person, on many fronts, so it's only fitting that I draw him.

This work will be on display at Sourdough Bakery in Seddon as of Monday 12th of March, along with the Hitchens portrait and others.

Deep Time

This is one of my largest drawings to date - it is almost A3 and this is the right hand side of it.

30 January 2011

Christopher Hitchens

Finished drawing of Christopher Hitchens, on display at Sourdough Bakery in Seddon as of Monday 12th of March, and for sale. In the background is the Grand Harbour of Valletta in Malta, where his first memories issue from. He tells it much better:

"I am standing on a ferry-boat that is crossing a lovely harbor. I have since learned many versions and variations of the word "blue," but let's say that a brilliant if slightly harsh sunshine illuminates a cerulean sky-vault and an azure sea and also limns the way in which these two textures collide and reflect. The resulting tinge of green is in lambent contrast with the darker vegetation on the hillsides and makes an almost blinding combination when, allied with those discrepant yet melding blues, it hits the white buildings that reach down to the edge of the water. As a flash of drama and beauty and seascape and landscape, it's as good an inaugural memory as one could wish."

16 January 2011

Work at Sourdough Bakery in Seddon

This work, Latissmus Dorsi (Boccasile), along with two others (Eustasia Hiroshige and Grammofono - see below), is on the walls at Sourdough Bakery, 172 Victoria St in Seddon. They are for sale at $390 and 2 x $320 respectively. An excellent sourdough bakery with lots of unusual choices and a fantastic interior decor.

30 June 2010

A young engine driver named Hunt...

Portrait of Christopher Hitchens, one of my favourite writers. Get well dear Hitch.

05 June 2010

Deep Time

This is a work mesmerised by the writings and ideas of Richard Dawkins. Scroll down for more on this.

23 May 2010

Painting for musician Chris Karasavvidis's bass.

06 May 2010

Deep Time (in progress)

Progress on a current work.

28 April 2010

Generally, my 'inspiration' to draw something originates from well, love (I cannot think of a more apt word) for the subject. This isn't very intellectual. In fact, I would characterise my visual art practice as completely non-intellectual (at least currently). I simply feel a compulsion to represent something on paper, because I love it, or find it beautiful, and want to 'get to know' it.

20 March 2010

Martina Navratilova

The wonderful Martina Navratilova.

21 November 2009

Sleeping Greek

Sleeping Greek. 12 x 11cm. Coloured pencil & paint pen.

08 July 2009

Meditating With Morris and Monica Amongst Flowers

This is also available as a canvas print (roughly A3). Email me if interested.
Icons for a friend's website, 2007.
Work for another friend, Rae.
Work for a lovely Indian friend.
Mothers Day card for my mum. Fineliner and texta.
Illustration for a Spanish friend.

Robbie Avenaim as a Vacuum Cleaner

Robbie Avenaim is an Australian avant-garde percussionist. Here he is as a vacuum cleaner (from the Beatles' Yellow Submarine film).


Angus is also a Melbourne composer and musician. As the illustration shows- he has no bones.

26 January 2009

Eustasia Hiroshige

Drawing of artist Darcey. This work is on display at Sourdough Bakery in Seddon, and for sale as a print. The original is approx A6 size and is $250. Prints available also for cheaper. Email me if interested.

23 September 2008

Jazz Bar c. 2000

Work for a high school project, circa 2000. All I knew of bars came from Bennetts Lane Jazz Club - the only 'adult' establishment I had been to at the time.

30 July 2008

Personal illustration, September 2007. Some students at a high school where I was giving a speech recently asked me: 'Why did you choose those colours?' but I was too shy to say 'well, actually I was infatuated at the time..'

Some of the text is quite funny: 'No ethnic hang-ups' (which I did have at the time), 'Fabu-less Commercial Illustration'... I wouldn't say I was smashed, but a cocktail or two of an evening was very normal at that time.

28 July 2008

The Likher Pussy Portraits 2008

Work for The Likher Pussy Portraits 2008 show at 696 Gallery, Brunswick. Size: A4. July 2008.